Small Business Breakfast Meeting notes – November 2019

November’s Small Business Breakfast welcomed local business owners to the Queenswood B&B in Cradley.

We welcomed Rachael Nitz-Mahy from Wykeham Gardens Plant Centre who is offering an end of season sale with up to 50% off plants! She also provides garden design and maintenance services.

Carol Unwin gave an excellent talk on managing large projects using her Green Space Creative Chartered Landscape Architect work as case studies. Her work seeks to maximise the potential of your green space. Key points were:

  • You need a strong vision to see beyond the spoil heap the digger has created to the aesthetically beautiful locations such as Lister Park in Bradford! This project in particular, helped get Bradford the City of Cuture status and regenerated the local economy.
  • Strong leadership is essential for challenges such as convincing different bodies in public meetings and resolving budgetary conflicts between contractors and clients.
  • Perseverance is also needed as the excitement at the start of a large project ebbs away and you’re faced with a barren plot of land and stakeholders demanding quicker progress! 
  • Attention to detail avoids major mistakes being made as does a staged approach where decision makers can sign off milestones and approve the next phase of work.
  • Having faith in the outcome, a sense of humour and the human touch also help see the project through. Contracts have to be in place but it’s the quality of interaction between the key people involved that really matters.
  • These large projects bring immeasurable benefits which environmental analysts attempt to quantify! 

We are always on the lookout for presenters and the “day in the life of” format is popular if you want to put yourself forward.

Meetings are usually held on the first Friday of each month at 8am.
The next meeting will be hosted by Stuart and Pauline Diplock on
Friday 6th December at Queenswood in Cradley, WR13 5NF. Speaker Ian Falconer will bring us up to date about the exciting developments at Hereford University NMITE.

The cost is just £5 for the Cradley SBB meeting.

IMPORTANT! Please reply when you get the upcoming meeting email letting us know whether you are coming or not. The meeting will be held anyway, but it helps us greatly with food ordering.

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