Invitation to submit paragraphs to NMITE and Meeting Notes February 2020

Plan for SBB presentation to NMITE (New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering)

NMITE are the recipients of public funding and will therefore value a chance to work with the local (business) community. However, it is up to us to make this easier for them by organising ourselves and our business offerings to make it obvious how these are relevant to NMITE.

Ian Falconer, a member of the Management Council, explained the aims of NMITE at our last meeting and this document provides a first insight into how we might work together. However, we are a group of small businesses who offer a range of skills and services, rather than a one-stop shop. It is up to us to demonstrate the potential mutual benefit of working with us. While it may not immediately seem obvious how we can work with NMITE, in the context of Herefordshire, where the average business is only two to three people, organising ourselves into a consortium and working with NMITE’s procurement people to become preferred suppliers, would give us an edge.

We are therefore calling upon you to create a paragraph explaining;

  1. The main details of your business: name, number of people, location
  2. What your business does
  3. Taking a look at the note on NMITE below, outline how you think your business might respond:
    1. To the needs of NMITE as an organisation
    1. To the students of NMITE

Please bring your paragraph to the next meeting or email them to Fran.

Once we have these paragraphs, we will organise them into a simple leaflet that describes the services we offer, hopefully designed and printed by members of our group. If there is enough interest and the benefits seem clear, we will work towards setting up a meeting with NMITE to discuss our ideas in more detail, at which point we will discuss branding and a web page on our website ( responding directly to this new opportunity on behalf of the group.

If all is successful, we will launch the initiative at Cradley Village Hall, though that is a way off 😊!

This process will move at the pace of the group and according to its motivation.

Next meeting

Rache Nitz-Mahy is talking to us about our gardens

We’ll also discuss our paragraphs and help each other improve them


We have been invited to have a SBB table at the Cradley summer fete on 20th June.

Jan Dampney (who edits the Cradley newsletter) also gave us details of a special offer for entries of adverts in the Cradley Newsletter. She has asked people to email Fran, who will pass on your email to Jan so she knows the contact has come via SBB.

Would someone be interested in contacting Jan Dampney to arrange and arrange collection of marketing material from member? [SH1] 

SBB NMITE presentation[SH2] 

Higher education institute
New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering
Chemical electronic software
Including 30%liberal skills for example financial marketing drawing skills and ethics
Research and discovery as well as teaching
One of the aims is to connect with the community through learning

A 4 year core programme = MEng
The students will be young professionals and live in Hereford for 46 weeks meaning that they will stay in the city spending their money and their families will visit
There will be rural media films exposed to a wider audience with website co-operations
Engagement with Hereford Council which will be a validation partner in the process.
It is at the moment the registered office of the students.
OFS quality assurance review

In May a small group of 50 students will be admitted; followed by 200 in September and the final total will be 1,000
The government given £25million and they are seeking match funding sponsorship
There will be NO exams
Some assessments will be done by none-academics. 

There is a National survey being conducted in teaching in engineering
Boston OLIM
Sites are at;
Blackfriars centre
Boys Grammar school near Waitrose
Renting Gardiner Hall near The Blind College from the council
Enterprise zone at Rotherwas
Plus 3 new centres

Sustainabilty is an important theme for the teaching
1) Technology of timber treatment – only place in the country
2) Automotive manufacturing
3) Future skills and CPD working with the military as Hereford was a garrison town.

Employer recognition awards promoting events for veterans looking at Wellbeing as a military charity
Aims to be a catalyst for a community transformation project to extend learning opportunities working with the Royal College of Arts (RCA).
Business in community charity and business will give investment back.
Impact measurement programme for NMITE
They seek to share the benefits with market towns.
There will be a digital infrastructure

They will be meeting major leads with a Higher Education consultancy
Can they be a catalyst to bringing 5G to Herefordshire as WiFi will be superseded. If this works there will be strong networks with the whole world.

They will source what they need from the local community as much as possible
There are procurement guidelines in the pipeline and there is a window of opportunity for local businesses
Student wellbeing is important and their accommodation will not be in the typical ‘hutches’.
No large sports centre is planned so they will be using facilities which are already available.
Media and design support will be out sourced.
They will bring companies together who would not normally meet.
The Foundry shared maker space and use 3D kits for their projects.
Groups of students will be sent out into the community to find projects out in the community to work on.