Small Business Breakfast – February 2017

This is my 100th Small Business Breakfast article for this newsletter…! February’s Small Business Breakfast meeting welcomed 12 local business owners to Stuart Diplock’s new home in Cradley; a new venue as Blue-ginger gallery in Cradley is closed for its Winter break until 18th March. Stuart and Pauline, formerly of Hidelow House Holiday cottages, provided us with a great venue, a warm welcome and a fantastic breakfast. We started off with John Critoph, holistic therapist and lifecoach talking about his experiences of collaborative marketing. He told us how he had worked with other local businesses nearby to promote complementary businesses. The group found it very useful. We went round the rest of the group talking about the one key marketing thing we are looking to do this year, or simply to share ideas with the group. These ranged from google-ads, facebook ads, reviews, word-of-mouth, newspaper articles, linked-in contacts to websites and more, with plenty of positive ideas. We agreed that for the next meeting, we would do something a little bit different and arrange to go for a walk and a coffee on the hills. Miles Meager (mi-frame picture framing) will arrange and let the group know where to meet. Please contact him as below if you would like to join us. It was a very easy-going and positive morning. We thanked Stuart and Pauline very much for hosting the meeting. Meetings are held on the first Friday of each month and our next meeting is on Friday 3rd March at 8am. The venue is still to be confirmed at time of writing, so if you would like to come along please contact Miles Meager on 01886 880964 or