Small Business Breakfast – August 2017

Fifteen local business owners arrived at Blue-Ginger Gallery in Cradley for August’s SBB meeting in the middle of the summer holidays.

Debs Turnbull, Green Architect from Colwall facilitated the meeting and called everyone to attention after lots of chat and breakfast eating which included sausages and bacon from Pete Hodgkiss Butchery in Cradley, and fresh fruit salad with lovely local cherries.

We welcomed two new members, Becky Harrington from Crumpton Hill Farm Shop, which is run by her parents, Mandy and Jim Harrington. Their selection of fresh local produce is growing and they plan to open a teashop which will be very handy for walkers and cyclists in the area.

Barbara Palmer, a holistic therapist from Cradley, who uses the tools and techniques of access consciousness, working on points around the head, giving the brain a ‘clean-up and defrag’.

Other members of the SBB introduced themselves and after giving a potted description of their businesses made some announcements .

Chris Baddiley, Mathon cosmologist is off to Wyoming to watch and record the eclipse. His U3A Astronomy course starts in September. Another member of the SBB, highly recommended Chris’s courses – they are very exciting! He has some spectacular images from two clear nights a couple of weeks ago.

Solicitor David Kitcat is offering to do wills in September, with the cost being donated to St Richards Hospice.

Sue Lim reminded everyone that ‘Small Art for Acorns’, our annual auction of artwork donated by artists, starts at the end of August both in the gallery and on the blue-ginger FaceBook page, with the final live auction taking place n the gallery on Sunday 24 September. Blue-Ginger will be open every day 6th – 17th September for Herefordshire Art week.

Deb Turnbull gave an update on Colwall Orchard Group, and she is now offering to build tree houses and composting toilets.

John Matthias of Malvern Computers had a tip for the group – to buy yourself a plastic cover for your keyboard. He sees a lot of laptops ruined by a spill of tea, coffee or wine.

Chris Hardy, local Health & Safety specialist, is helping businesses to stay within legal boundaries and is always keeping a look out for tripping hazards!

Well-being coach Fran Doidge told us she has been using twitter to promote her business.

Carl Flint, writer of walking guides for the Malvern Hills, has been approached by a publisher to write a book on 20 walks with a dog in Worcestershire. He doesn’t have a dog, so there were a few offers of dogs to test some of the walks!

Carol Brook of Silverfish Design Jewellery, and an archaeologist told us about the Welsh Rock Art Field School during April 2018 which will be working on a burial chamber near Fishguard. Accommodation is on the farm in cottages, no archeological training is necessary and age range fro 18 – 90ish. Now taking bookings. Sounds like fun!

Dave Bird gave a short presentation ‘ Window to my World’. Dave was a runner , when one February morning he was out running and felt bad…. Realised he was still trying to emulate what he’d done 20 years earlier. He was inspired by a TV programme about Euripides. He was a middle distance runner. He went to conferences, running retreats and studied the latest marathon running techniques. He did his first marathon in Florence, and then came third in the Edinburgh marathon that year. He started marathon coaching, and recognised that there was a plethora of information and it was not well packaged. He started an online video based training course (SBB member Carl Flint helping him with the editing) His videos are now watched on U tube all around the world. Through doing his own videos he has gained the equipment and experience, and now offers video marketing to other businesses. He believes that advertising with video is cheaper and there’s more engagement and conversion to sales ( 90% more people take up offers after watching a promotional video) The downside is that video production is time consuming and can be tedious. Other members of the group joined in with their personal experiences of video marketing. Thank you to Dave for his talk and to Sue for hosting.


Meetings are held on the first Friday of each month and our next is at Blue Ginger gallery and café, Cradley (A4103) on Friday 1st September. If you would like to come along please contact Sue Lim on 01886 880240 or Miles Meager