Small Business Breakfast notes – September 2019

September’s Small Business Breakfast welcomed local business owners to the Queenswood B&B in Cradley.

During introductions we welcomed Oliver Maxwell who is a security consultant working with small businesses.

Catherine Banks from Malvern Small Business Clinic gave an excellent talk on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tips for small businesses.

Key points were:

  • Make sure your site loads quickly using a secure SSL certificate and can be accessed easily on mobile devices and in different browsers
  • Use keywords based on what people would typically type into a search engine if they wished to find you
  • Incorporate keywords into the content on your page (url, title, meta-description, headings, image alt tags, links)
  • Search engine rules and algorithms change constantly but good content is king so give visitors the information they want!
  • Keep paragraphs and sentences short to improve your readability score
  • Provide images and include video content to boost engagement and improve rankings
  • Get some incoming links from relevant websites
  • Rephrase other people’s content and link out to other sites for more info (pro tip… these links should open in a new tab)
  • Update content regularly, ideally by adding a blog to your site
  • Have a clear, navigable site structure and fix any broken links
  • Include your social feeds and social share buttons

We are always on the lookout for presenters and the “day in the life of” format is popular if you want to put yourself forward.

Meetings are usually held on the first Friday of each month at 8am.
The next meeting will be hosted by Stuart and Pauline Diplock on
Friday 4th October at Queenswood in Cradley, WR13 5NF. Speaker Jeanie Falconer – A Day in a Life Running a Vineyard 

The cost is just £5 for the Cradley SBB meeting.

IMPORTANT! Please reply when you get the upcoming meeting email letting us know whether you are coming or not. The meeting will be held anyway, but it helps us greatly with food ordering.

Dave Bird 07824 661038

Fran Doidge 07974 400575
Sarah Higginson 07896 153732

Dave Bird